logo-stepSustainable Textile Production (STeP)’ is the new OEKO-TEX® certification system for brands,retail companies and manufacturers from the textile chain who want to communicate their achievements regarding sustainable production to the public in a transparent, credible and clear manner. Certification is possible for production facilities of all processing stages from fibre production, spinning mills, weaving mills, knitting mills to finishing facilities and manufacturers of ready-made textile items. STeP replaces the previous OEKO-TEX® Standard 1000.


The objective of STeP certification is the permanent implementation of environmentally friendly

production processes, optimum health and safety and socially acceptable working conditions. The dynamic further development of the STeP standard and the benchmarks allows certified companies to continuously improve their environmental protection achievements and their social responsibility as well as their efficiency. This in turn enables them to achieve the best possible competitive position on the market.

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