UTIB International R&D Brokerage Event in Turkish Textile and Clothing Sector


7ARGE-PP»UTIB International R&D Brokerage Event in Turkish Textile and Clothing Sector» that has highlight to future vision and have been organizing since 2009 which will take a place in 27-28-29 May 2015 in Bursa, Turkey.

The purpose of the event is to bring together and establish an interface between researchers/academicians from the world and manufacturers in textile and clothing sector of Turkey. The event will also provide opportunity with collaboration among industry, universities and research institutions. The R&D Project proposals will be presented at Merinos Atatürk Convention Center in poster form and each project owner researcher will have a chance to discuss the proposal (research ideas) with the prospective partners face to face. You can check details in web page (www.utibargeprojepazari.com ). The project categories of this year are:

• Medical Textiles and Technical Cloths

• Efficiency and Sustainability in Finishing Processes (Dyeing, Printing, Coating)

• Developments of the Fabric Technology

• Protective and Military Textiles

• Functional Fibers and Polymers

• Patents for Textile and Confection Sector

• Mobiltech and Composites

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