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The Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH) is supported by the Valencian Regional Department of Industry, Commerce and Innovation, through IMPIVA.

The purpose of OTH is to offer information about habitat trends which will support habitat companies when making strategic decisions for the different processes affected by this information (management, marketing, design, R&D, etc.).

  • Strategic planning.
  • Product and service design and development.
  • Communication and distribution.

The OTH spans different sectors since habitat is considered an all-encompassing concept. Therefore, the team is made up of three technology institutes:

ITC. Institute of Ceramic Technology
AITEX. Textile Technology Institute                                                               
AIDIMA. Technological Institute of Furniture, Wood, Packaging and Related Industries

The OTH is also characterised by its multidisciplinary approach, through complementary disciplines such as design and architecture, sociology, economics, marketing and communication.

The areas of knowledge studied are habitat itself, the factors that influence it, as well as its distribution and communication in markets.

Given the global and multidisciplinary nature of this information, it may be of interest to different stakeholders:


The OTH is a tool that offers continual information and the knowledge provided is valid and relevant in the medium term.


It offers regular publications, events, conferences, workshops and provides ad-hoc consultancy services to companies.




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