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Medical and hospital textiles

Medical and Hospital Textiles

Medical and Hospital Textiles

There is a wide range of textile-based health care products available on the market and these products must comply with the legislation laid down in R.D. 1591/2009 dated 16th of October, which regulates health care products; in this respect, AITEX performs research into reusable or single-use surgical textiles such as gowns, cloths and clean-air suits that do not produce dust and prevent the passage of fluids that have been contaminated by microorganisms. Other groups of textiles regulated by this legislation are gauzes, bandages, dressings, plasters, sticking tapes and sutures,  with special properties such as acidity/alkalinity, fluorescence, deformability, microbiological control etc.

Lines of R & D:

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Lines of Innovation:

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