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AITEX opens enrolment period for the course on-line Textile Technology. The course is designed to offer a general overview of each of the processes which textile articles undergo during manufacture. The main objective of this course is to identify the different subsectors and their principal characteristics. In addition, the student will learn to distinguish fibre and yarn types and the most commonly-used bonding systems, as well as to classify a full range of fabric types, carry out textile finishing processes and gain an understanding of quality control procedures and textile labelling. The course is designed to appeal equally to unemployed and active textile workers.

The duration of the course is 120 hours, with flexible and adaptable timetable to the student. In addition, the tutoring is on-going and open. The successful student will obtain a diploma accrediting him or her with having completed the course satisfactorily. 


• Textile fibres
• Spinning
• Woven structures
• Weaving
• Knitted materials
• Pre-finishing operations
• Dying
• Printing
• Sizing and finishing
• Quality control
• The garment industry
• Textile labelling

Limited places.

[+] Info: omiralles@aitex.es   [Download program]


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