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The Home Textile Market Observatory (OMTH) is a system that generates and circulates information about the home textile market and its consumers:

Its aims are to:

  • Help home textile companies understand their target consumers in order to achieve greater opportunities in terms of creating successful products and services.
  • Reduce levels of risk and uncertainty when drawing up business strategies.
  • Detect market niches and opportunities  

It encompasses a Value Chain Panel made up of a sample of over 150 manufacturing firms representing the sector, and a Consumer Panel (Kantar Worldpanel) made up of a continuous sample of 8000 individuals (men and women) representing the whole of Spain.

The Value Chain Panel generates an Annual Sector Report which describes the structural and general situation of the Home Textile sector in Spain, within a global economic context.

Information is analysed from various perspectives:

  • Sector: Global and European context, number of companies, production, foreign trade, employees.
  • Market: Competitive environment, analysing the different activities that make up the Home Textile value system, distribution channels, general development;
  • Financial:  Analysis of financial and economic ratios, balance sheets, profit and loss statements of leading companies.

The Consumer Panel is a tool that continually and significantly measures quantitative information about the home textile sector, responding to key indicators such as:

  • Volume and Market Value
  • % Penetration
  • Average purchase
  • Average spending
  • Buying frequency
  • Average price paid

We are currently working to expand on the market information services made available to our companies. This expansion focuses on developing our knowledge about home textile consumers in Spain and the distribution channels, as well as offering useful information tailored to each individual company according to its main activity. Our objective is to provide companies with information about the behaviour, preferences and purchasing process of consumers through consumer insights to help these companies make commercial management and marketing decisions.

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