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Oekotex1000This ‘Ecological Company’ certificate analyses, audits and checks that certified companies are respectful of the Environment in their production, stepping ahead of current legislative requirements and imposing stricter environmental criteria in terms of atmospheric emissions, wastewater dumping, waste treatment and storage, and noise control within the company. Furthermore, in order to achieve this certificate, at least 30% of total production must be certified according to the Öko-Tex Standard 100 (textiles containing no harmful substances).

Every year, more and more companies are becoming interested in achieving this environmental distinction, which offers added value and recognition to companies that respect the surrounding environment in their everyday endeavours, in other words, which behave as an ‘Ecological Company’.

From July 2013 this certification has been replaced by the new certification STeP. Nowadays already we can not issued any more OEKO-TEX® 1000 certificates though on the market it could find still such valid certificates






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