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INPAT- Impact Noise insulating Panel from textile industry waste


INPAT began on the 1st September 2011. The main objective of INPAT project is to develop ecoinnovationnew panels for construction based on textile wastes as raw materials with improved performance in the acoustic isolation to impact noise in buildings.

The project is coordinated by the Spanish company ANTECUIR and complete the consortium AITEX, ACCIONA, ARIFIELTROS and ENVIPARK.



INPAT aims at reaching the following objectives:

  • To give an added value to a significant part of textile wastes.
  • To increase the acoustic, thermal and mechanical properties compared with similar products in the market (100% polymeric products)
  • To obtain an environmental friendly product with low impact.

Major outputs and results

Main impacts of the project are:

  • Reduction of new raw material used and its energetic expenditure, high recyclability of the solution proposed and high impact noise isolation.
  • Full application of the project would produce the valorization of up to 45.000 kg/year of textile waste (reduction in landfill occupation about 200m3/day).
  • Energetic expenditure reduction
  • INPAT panels result in a low environmental impact solution (designed with a full Life Cycle approach).
  • INPAT panels will improve the global index of acoustic reduction and in particular, they reduce the global pressure to impact noise.

The product obtained: INPAT

INPAT is a flexible anti-impact plate based on recycled textile materials.

Their values of dynamic stiffness (from 2 to 4MN/m³) and specific resistance to air flux (from 11 to 24 kPa.s/m²) together with its extraordinary thermal (ʎ=0,031) make the INPAT panels the ideal solution for  accomplishing with the Building Technical Code as a solution for reducing impact noise and vibrations.

INPAT is clean and easy to install. It can be cut with manual scissors, circular saws, electric scissors…For better results you can use the INPAT autoadhesive joins easy to install for being sealt together or for being unsed as a baseboard.


Calle de la Estación, 0
ES 03830- Muro de Alcoy
Phone: +34 966 54 40 01
Project Coordinator Mr. Rafael Agulló r.agullo@antecuir.com

Technical Coordinator. Mr. Bruno Marco bmarco@aitex.es
Product development Mr. Angel Ruiz angel.ruiz@arifieltros.com
Project financed by the EC within the CIP-Ecoinnovation program

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