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LIVEST- uLtralIgtht weigh bullet-proof VESTs

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LIVEST- uLtralIgtht weigh bullet-proof VESTs

Fecha: 2014

The shock that causes trauma due to projectile impact can knock out the user of ballistic protection vests, causing varying degrees of damage or preventing reactions against a second attack, so it is very important to minimize its effect. The scope in this feasibility study is related to develop Lightweight Ballistic Protection. For this purpose the approach is based on two main objectives:

Use 3D textile structures to reduce the amount of high performance layers which are commonly used in ballistic packages. Also this structure should improve ballistic performance behaviour against impact since this 3D fabric might absorb and disperse bullet impact kinetic energy.

Keeping the symmetry and alignment in three-dimensional structure without deformation is one of our targets. Maybe, due to the daily use, 3D internal structure could suffer modifications. One wearable electronic system will register those physical changes: for example, integrate conductive materials creating a capacitor device that could be able to monitor and send a signal if substantial changes in the thickness were produced.

PROJECT SUPPORTED BY THE EUROPEAN DEFENSE AGENCY (EDA). PROGRAMME «Combat Equipment for the Dismounted Soldier Feasibility Study Programme (CEDS-FSP)»

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