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08th of January 2020

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AITEX leads the European Light Industries Innovation and Technology (ELIIT) initiative. The project is funded by the European Union COSME Program for Competitiveness of Companies and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

The project aims to support collaboration between Europe’s SMEs in the textile, clothing, footwear and leather sectors (TCLF sectors), and technology centres or companies, in order to promote the use of technological solutions to improve competitiveness, promote the integration of innovation into the value chain and create new added-value products and services.

ELIIT supports the implementation in SMEs of the research results of the European science and technology network through the launch of different calls. Innovations such as Big Data, AI, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and the Key Enable Technologies (KET) are a few examples of the technologies that could be implemented in European SMEs within the framework of the ELIIT project.

Cooperation between different key actors in the European economy is a unique aspect of the ELIIT project, as it facilitates support and encourages collaboration that facilitates innovation and knowledge sharing between different industries that might not otherwise have occurred. This allows textile, footwear and leather companies to overcome the obstacles posed by integration, implementation and the use of advanced technologies that help them develop products and services for new niche markets.

ELIIT will also provide training to improve the knowledge and skills of the textile, clothing, footwear and leather sectors as regards technology, production processes, materials, business strategies, access to financing and marketing.

Through different calls, ELIIT will select 25 collaboration projects between SMEs and suppliers / owners of innovative technologies, which will benefit from:

  • Financial support of € 70,000 for the development of products with a high added-value factor and profitability.  
  • Bespoke training programs in technical aspects to improve both the relevance of the projects and the capabilities of the participants.
  • Participation in international conferences and workshops, networking activities and professional links.
  • Support to strengthen intellectual property rights

The ELIIT project is conducted on behalf of the European Commission by the consortium formed by AITEX – Textile Industry Research Association, INESCOP – Footwear Technology Center, CARSA – Strategic Innovation Consulting, GOPA Com. and Anna Maria Stein with the support of Avvocati Associati Franzosi Dal Negro Setti.

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ELIIT Project is funded by the European Union COSME program for the Competitiveness of Companies and Small and Medium Enterprises.


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