by Ethan Tomas



Since 2008, AITEX has had an Equality Plan in place that oversees equality in the treatment of the sexes and equal opportunities and to protect against sex discrimination.
The general principles of the Equality Plan are covered by the following goals:


> To ensure the absence of any procedure or policy which discriminates against anyone for his or her gender with respect to selection, hiring, training, promotion and pay.

> To facilitate the reconciliation of family, personal and working life.

> On-going work on training and awareness of equal opportunities.

> To promote within AITEX the principle of equal opportunities for men and women to guarantee the same professional opportunities concerning employment, hiring, pay, training, development, promotion and working conditions.

> To guarantee the absence of direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of gender, with particular regard to maternity, paternity, family matters, marital status and working conditions.


> To eliminate any evidence of discrimination in internal promotion and hiring.

> Promote equal opportunities at all organisational levels of the organisation through communication and training.

In order to achieve these objectives, actions are undertaken in several areas:

1. Selection processes without any type of discrimination.
2. Professional Classification.
3. Training.
4. Professional promotion.
5. Working conditions, including salary audit between women and men.


6. Co-responsible exercise of the rights of personal, family and work life.
7. Underrepresentation.
8. Remuneration.
9. Prevention of sexual and gender-based harassment.
10. Communication.


The AITEX Equality Plan has been recognised, endorsed and validated by the Generalitat Valenciana. The Generalitat grants the award to companies with an Equality Plan that aims to correct gender inequalities, incorporate innovative measures to make equality a reality and provide facilities to reconcile their employees’ work and family life. AITEX has also been awarded the Fent Empresa. Equal Opportunities seal.

“Fent Empresa. Iguals en Oportunitats.”