At AITEX we are constantly striving to redefine and update our textile training activities through in-depth research into the latest advances in the industry which we can pass on to our members and students.

In our commitment to providing the best possible service, AITEX organises bespoke training activities designed to allow a company to develop its in-house team of experts and improve competitiveness in the international market.

The training activities are specifically designed for each company and fully adapted to the client’s needs. The Institute adapts the content, timetable, schedule, venue, trainer and teaching method to the client.

Our training provision is grouped into the following categories:

  • Textile Technology
  • Technical Textiles
  • Process Technology
  • Product and Process QA
  • Innovations in the Development of Textile Products
  • Textile Applications
  • Sustainability and Revaloration
  • Design, Pattern-making and Garment-making
  • Production Management Techniques
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • ICT
  • Legislation and Standards

The Institute has in-house expert trainers available for each of the modules, backed up by a team of trusted collaborators and external specialists we can call on when necessary.

When a company requests specific training in a particular area, via an email to, we supply a quote based on the client’s needs. If more information is required, AITEX will contact the client to clarify specific points and to ensure that the training package fully meets the requirements.

The training courses in no way compromise the independence, impartiality or integrity of ENAC-OC, as the content is never specific and deals with legislation, regulations or commercially-available material types, etc.

AITEX not offer “Bespoke training”  about our ENAC scope of accreditation  or IOAS Notify body.

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