Laboratorio Cosmética

AITEX offers the following services to the cosmetis industry

Collaboration of the development of new formulations

New functional active ingredients:

The development of cosmetics with additives designed to fulfil a particular function on the skin, and which act on the root of the problem to allow the skin to recover all of its natural beauty and elasticity.

The encapsulation of active compounds to:

  • Protect the active substance and allow controlled release
  • Facilitate the delivery of the correct dose
  • Modify the properties of the substance
  • Enhance the consumer’s perception of the product

Encapsulation technology:

  • Co-extrusion – gelificacion
  • Liposomes Spray-drying
  • Fluid Bel
  • Hydrogels
  • Mesoporous structures

New developments in cosmetics and cosmetotextiles: the development of new cosmetic formulae adapted to skin type and product presentation.

  • Active agents
  • Texturising agents
  • Emolients
  • Rheological modifiers
  • Emulsifiers
  • Preservatives

Consumer studies to ensure the success of the cosmetic product: the new product must answer the needs of the consumer.

The successful development and product launch of any new cosmetic must be based on the preferences, needs and opinions of the consumer.

Characterisation of cosmetic products

  • All types of cosmetics: microbiological assays, physical and chemical testing, sensorial tests, stability, biocompatibility, clinical trials conducted with other centres and user groups.
  • Hair care products: measures of potential.
  • Skin and mouth hygiene products: determining particle size distribution.
  • Cosmetics

Cosmetics packaging

  • The development of smart, active packaging using new biodegradable materials.
  • Characterisation of the interaction between the cosmetic and its packaging:
    • Global migration
    • Specific migration
    • Total content