by Javier Miró


AITEX cosmetic provides the cosmetic and healthcare sectors with vital technological knowledge, to increase the competitiveness and turnover of companies operating in today’s globalised market. AITEX combines tailor-made solutions, with a close B2B working relationship and fast turnaround times for projects.

We provide an all-round service to the cosmetics industry based on the following areas of activity: characterisation laboratories, quality control and product certification in compliance with international regulations and standards; applied research projects, innovation and development of products with an added-value factor and national legislative advice and export guidelines.

Scientific and technical advice

AITEX cosmetic performs research into new ingredients and formulations to meet the needs of the cosmetic industry, through innovative products that are more effective, natural and safe. The Institute works on R&D projects focused on the following lines of research:

  • The stabilisation of high value-added assets in cosmetic products using encapsulation and vehiculisation via advanced release technologies, or the formation of nanofibre veils to protect and control a substance’s release.
  • The formulation of cosmetic products with natural ingredients and active ingredients, which provide beneficial properties for the skin or act as preservative systems for the cosmetic formula itself.
  • The incorporation of cosmetic assets to textile supports – cosmetotextiles, from their stabilisation in formulas, through different application systems, and the subsequent efficiency and durability studies.
  • The study and selection of probiotics as a beauty treatment and improvements to their stability in cosmetic formulations.

The Institute also has the facilities to enable the characterisation of the resulting products to verify their stability, in addition to preparing the safety assessment, validate the data file and provide regulatory and legal consulting services.

AITEX can also design a personalised user test, where subjective and quantitative efficacy studies are carried out via analysers and under dermatological control, as well as consumer satisfaction studies and a product-testing panel.

The characterisation of cosmetic products

At AITEX, we have sophisticated cutting-edge laboratory equipment and experimental research plants to provide an all-round service to companies in the sector.

AITEX cosmetic performs tests including:

  • Quality and safety tests: microbiological assays, challenge test, water activity, cytotoxicity, surface tension, sterility and Het-Cam testing.
  • Stability and compatibility tests of the product package.
  • Biocompatibility tests, including Patch test, Open test, Voluntary use test.
  • Analysis of a range of sun protection products, analysing the SPF of 6 – + 50 (UVB), and the UVA test.

For haircare products, the Institute provides measurement methodologies to demonstrate:

  • Photostability
  • Anti-pollution treatment
  • Protection treatment
  • Heat protection treatment
  • Anti-humidity protective treatment
  • Treatment against physical or chemical damage
  • Colour degradation study
  • Brightness study
  • Study of strength, resistance and breakage

National legislative advice and export guidelines

AITEX provides advice on mandatory legislation in force for the sale of cosmetic products. The Centre offers on-demand export guidelines to enable companies to gain an in-depth understanding of the country they are exporting to: what information must be completed, where it has to be delivered, processing times, costs, current legislation, labelling and administrative contacts to ensure success.