The Textile Industry Research Association – AITEX, is a private research association which performs characterisation trials and certification of textile materials and articles for a wide range of sectors including interior design, fashion, work wear, healthcare, sports and leisure, land and sea transport, aerospace and sports surfaces.

The AITEX’s core objective is to create and transfer knowledge of textiles to the private sector, making the textile industry more competitive and opening up doors to new opportunities with a high added-value factor. The Institute promotes modernisation and the introduction of emerging technologies through its on-going R+D activities and other projects which contribute to the evolution of the textile industry, and issues the most appropriate product certifications to allow an article to compete in the international marketplace and facilitate its introduction into high-end niche markets.

AITEX is Spain’s leading research and innovation centre and provider of advanced technical services to the textile industry. The Institute has a network of nine international offices providing cover for its associates and clients in fifty countries, and this has led to the Institute becoming one of Europe’s leading research centres. AITEX research work has culminated in the signing of several bilateral agreements with centres from around the world to exchange experiences, participate in international R+D projects and generate know-how to provide the private sector with a value-added factor for their products. The Institute’s laboratory services offers its members the most up-to-date equipment and infrastructure for the characterisation of products, QA and certification to the most demanding international standards and regulations and AITEX is one of Europe’s best equipped centres, with the widest scope of technical accreditation facilities with ENAC – ILAC approval (the national and European accreditation bodies).

AITEX is also heavily involved in specialist technical training and offers a wide selection of in-company courses as well as two University degrees in collaboration with Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the Master’s Degree in Textile Engineering and the University Diploma on textile applications.

AITEX was created in 1985 from a joint initiative by the Valencian textile industry and the Generalitat Valenciana, via IMPIVA (nowadays known as IVACE, Instituto Valenciano de la Competitividad Empresarial). The Institute is registered as number 36 in the Registry of Technology and Innovation Centres and as 115 in the Registry of Research Results Transfer (OTRI). It is a member of FEDIT, the Spanish Federation of Research and Technology Centres, REDIT, the Valencian Technology Centre Network and is on several national and international technical committees.


AITEX’s risk-management policy is a process driven by the Institute’s governing bodies, is the responsibility of every single member and employee and is designed to provide reasonable safety to achieve the goals of AITEX, while providing value and an appropriate level of guarantee to interest groups and the market in general.

With specific regard to criminal risk, the Institute has evolved a criminal risk-prevention programme designed to allow us to adopt an organisational and management model for the preventative identification and diagnosis of the possible criminal risks that may occur in AITEX, establishing the ideal vigilance and monitoring measures necessary to prevent such risks occurring.

In this respect, AITEX has implemented its Ethical Code or Code of Conduct, a standard which the Institute must comply with, and which has grown out of the organisation’s hard work and commitment to society, ethics and compliance.

This is our way of demonstrating the commitment and will of the entire organisation to the most stringent compliance with law, research and development, and with providing our associates and society as a whole with added value within a framework of transparency, integrity and honesty.


sello Since 2008, AITEX has had an Equality Plan in place which oversees equality in the treatment of the sexes and opportunities and to protect against sex discrimination.

The general principle is covered by the following goals of the Equality Plan:

  • To ensure the absence of any procedure or policy which discriminates against anyone for thegender with respect to selection, hiring, training, promotion and pay.
  • To help ease the pressures of combining family and professional life through a set of specific measures.
  • On-going work on training and awareness of equal opportunities. One of the main objectives of the plan is raise awareness of the issue of equality.
  • To promote within AITEX the principle of equal opportunities for men and women to guarantee the same professional opportunities with regards to employment, hiring, pay, training, development, promotion and working conditions.
  • To guarantee the absence of direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of gender, with particular regard to maternity, paternity, family matters, marital status and working conditions.
  • To eliminate any evidence of discrimination in internal promotion and hiring to achieve a balanced representation of women on the staff.
  • To prevent sexual harassment in any form, implementing a Code of Conduct which protects every employee from a sexual offence.
  • To safeguard equal opportunities communication and training at every level of the organisation.
  • To empower the balance between professional, personal and family life for every employee of the company, regardless of length of service.
  • To drive improvements in the participation of women in management and the decisionmaking process, to make our commitment to equality visible.
  • To achieve these goals, actions are undertaken in several areas: access to employment, conciliation, professional classification, promotion, training, pay, health and safety and non-sexist communication and language.


AITEX Equal Opportunities Plan has been reviewed, validated and recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana.

The Generalitat grants recognition to those companies that present an Equal Opportunities Plan that aims to correct gender inequalities, which incorporate innovative measures to make equality real and provide services that facilitate the reconciliation of the family and work lives of the staff in their employment.

AITEX has also been awarded the Fent Empresa. Iguals en Oportunitats seal.

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