by Neus Jorda

El Consell approves agreements with four technology institutes to provide R+D+I training for the unemployed

AITEX is to develop training courses at its Alcoy facilities and the Paterna technical unit. One of the main purposes of LABORA is to offer unemployed people training to help them find employment.

The Consell has approved collaboration agreements between the Valencian Employment and Training Service (LABORA) and regional technological Institutes, including AITEX.

These agreements, which will run until December 31, 2019, are designed to deliver training activities in the field of R & D & I, aimed principally at the unemployed.
The agreements respond to one of the main objectives of LABORA, which is to offer unemployed people training appropriate to the needs of the job market to improve their chances of finding work.
Most of the training actions offered by LABORA enable students to obtain an official professional certificate that accredits their training for the performance of their profession, to improve their employment prospects.
Over the next few months, the following courses will be run by AITEX:
– The design and development of technical textile products
– The use of digital tools for product design and development
– 3D printing: design and technologies
– The circular economy: zero waste in the textile industry
– Business Intelligence in textile innovation

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AITEX Education Department

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