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Textile Technology Course


The goal of the Textile Technology Course is to give the student extensive knowledge of the entire textile process, including the types of material used, quality assurance and new applications.

machines for weaving yarns used in industrial factories. Modern technology in spinning yarn.

The course is aimed at technical employees who need a deep, wide-ranging knowledge of the textile industry: purchasing managers, designers who need to understand all the possibilities offered by textiles when realising their ideas, production managers, technicians from different departments, etc. It is also open to the unemployed who are seeking employment in the industry.

The textile technology course is available on the following dates:

Face-to-face course in Barcelona: 40hours from 17th of September to the 15th October. [+] Info

Face-to-face course in Madrid: 40hours from the 23rd September to the 21st October. [+] Info

Online course: 150 hours.  [+] Info

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