by Neus Jorda

The collaboration between the IES Cotes Baixes Alcoy, ATEVAL and AITEX, has enabled a completely renewed training programme to be launched that is adapted to the needs of the companies, in which students will combine theoretical studies with business practices from the outset.

The Middle Grade Textile Training Cycle in Manufacture and Ennoblement of Textile Products taught by the IES Cotes Baixes de Alcoy, (unique in the Valencian Community), has created a new model of DUAL FP. Students who study the programme can combine internships with the theoretical knowledge taught in the centre from the first day. In turn, the centre is committed to providing students with the most advanced textile knowledge, from obtaining the raw material to the finished product.

Throughout the Training Cycle, students will alternate 3 days’ work placement with 2 days in the training centre, making a total of 2,000 hours of internships in local textile companies to help them find employment. In addition, the dual-model nature of this innovative training system will allow students to earn an income from the first day of the two courses.

If you are interested in signing up, contact IES Cotes Baixes de Alcoy.

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Dual Vocational Training relies on greater collaboration and participation from companies in Vocational Training systems, promoting a more active role for the company in the student’s own training process, so employers gain a greater understanding of the training that young people receive. This training is increasingly adapted to the demands of the production sectors and the specific needs of companies. With dual training, the idea is that the company and the vocational training centres strengthen their links, join forces and help prospective employees find work during the training period.

For more information: 

IES Cotes Baixes Alcoy: https://formaciontextilword.wordpress.com/ 

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