The core objective of the laboratory is to provide a wide range of services centred on analysing the technical characteristics and parameters of a textile material, regardless of the format in which it is presented.

All of the tests performed in the laboratory are carried out in compliance with existing national and international relevant legislation, to provide a manufacturer with a full suite of services designed to offer objective confirmation that their product’s properties meet every eventuality and comply with every applicable standard. Other types of bespoke testing, not covered by a standard, can also be performed at the client’s request, including:

  • Dynamometry
  • Technical opinions
  • Colour fastness
  • Identification of fibre and material composition
  • Product health and safety standards
  • Colourimetry
  • Revision of labelling
  • Technical data sheets and design control for upholstery and decorative articles
  • Tailored agreements with a company
  • General testing of fibre, yarns, woven fabrics and non-wovens
  • Compiling technical data sheets
  • Verification and calibration of laboratory equipment