The waste water laboratory provides all the technical assistance necessary for the study of waste water quality from a range of industrial processes and sources (waste water, cooling towers, adiabatic processes, etc.) from sampling to a full analysis of all physical, chemical and biological indicators as well as the agronomic characterisation of sludge.

– Physical, chemical and microbiological analysis of cooling towers and adiabatic plant.

– Testing for Legionella

– Analysis and sampling for MD-301 presentation

– At-point and integrated sampling

– Waste water analysis

– Counter assessments

– Characterisation of sludge for agricultural use

– Analysis of heavy metals


The laboratory is a collaborating body with the Hydraulic Administration as Testing Laboratory (E.C.060/1) and Accredited Laboratory by “Entitat Pública de Sanejament d’Aigües Residuals (EPSAR)” of the Generalitat Valenciana.

It is also authorised to issue Sewage Water Certificates and for the revision and creation of all documentation required to comply with Model 301 for la Entitat Pública de Sanejament d´Aigües Residuals de la Comunitat Valenciana (the Valencian Waste Water Treatment Body)