• Ballistics

AITEX has a Ballistic and Knife Testing Facility, approved by ENAC with approval number 12LE/025.

Approved by the Ministry of Defence from the 10th December 2007 to 10th December 2011, at which date the new Homologation Regulation came into force under Spanish Royal Decree 165/2010 19th February. The Spanish Ministry of Defence no longer approves laboratories and the task has been taken over by ENAC, which has approved AITEX.

The testing facility evaluates the degree of protection provided by a device against the impact of fragments and bullets including degree of penetration, resulting trauma and v50. The facility can also evaluate contact shot protection.

AITEX has 19 barrels of various calibres and is also approved to perform the NATO FSP (Fragment Simulating Projectiles) test.

The ballistic test facility is highly flexible and is also approved for testing bulletproof vests, helmets, visors, vehicle armour-plating and bulletproof glass, among other articles. The Institute can also test in compliance with other standards or perform bespoke testing for an individual client’s requirements. The test facility is fully automatic to speed up testing and approval times.

It is equipped with a high-speed camera to provide visual proof of the material’s performance at the moment of impact, and a scanner to study resulting body trauma.

Ballistic helmets

AITEX possesses the necessary infrastructure to perform tests on ballistic helmets in compliance with a range of different standards.

Doors, windows, blinds, glass.

The Institute is approved for testing doors, windows, blinds, glass and opaque armour-plating in compliance with classification standards.

Armour plating

AITEX’s ballistic testing facility is approved for the testing of different types of materials for developments in armour plating.

Low-velocity projectile impact

The Institute has a full range of air-powered  barrels available which can fire different types of projectiles at velocities below 300 m/s.

  • Low-velocity FSP of 17 grams (up to 130 m/s)
  • 6 mm steel balls
  • 10 mm steel balls
  • 45 mm steel balls at 50 m/s


  • Stab-resistance

To complete the ballistic test facility, AITEX also has Spain’s only stab-resistance testing facility for approving articles against knife and stabbing attack in compliance with different international standards.


  • Spectrophotometry

AITEX has installed the latest-generation Lambda series 950 spectrophotometer to measure the absorption, reflectance and transmission of radiation in wavelengths of between 175nm to 3300 nm.

It is used to measure absorption, reflectance and transmission of radiation in the Near Infrared spectrum (NIR, from 750 to 2600 nm.) for materials with reflective and anti-reflective coatings, materials which reduce visibility to night-vision equipment, filters, insulation material for cold-weather clothing and so on.