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11th May 2021

Some of AITEX’s lines of research are dedicated to the development of added-value textile solutions. Below is a summary of this research:

  • Development of high performance weft knitted fabrics.
  • Research on social, market and product trends in home textiles.

DEPUNT: DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEXTILE SOLUTIONS FOR FURNITURE AND TRANSPORT APPLICATIONS   More and more companies in the furniture and automotive sectors are opting for high-performance weft knitted fabrics for their products, due to the advantages they offer compared to traditional woven fabrics. The DE_PUNT project has developed a textile using state-of-the-art weft knitting technologies because of its interesting technical properties of mechanical performance, thermal comfort, breathability and low weight, coupled with its important advantages in sustainability: no textile waste is created in its manufacture and being of a single material, recyclability is greatly enhanced. This type of fabric is also much easier to customise with interesting designs. The successful conclusion of the project has enabled research to be carried out into different high-performance textile structures using knitted fabric weaving with applications in furniture and the transport sector. To learn more about the research carried out in the project click on the link: https://www.aitex.es/portfolio/de_punt/ 


HABITAT 2020 – SOCIAL, MARKET AND PRODUCT TREND RESEARCH AS A BASIS FOR STRATEGIC DESIGN FOR HOME TEXTILE COMPANIES The HABITAT sector, which includes ceramics, lighting, decoration, furniture and textiles, is under constant pressure from influences such as the articles that consumers will want to find in the shops that manufacturers will have to offer. HABITAT 2020 has promoted strategic design among companies in the textile-home sector, as a way of integrating and interrelating with the rest of the habitat sectors, all of whom need prospective qualitative and quantitative information on trends for the development of innovative ideas, which can then be transformed into textile products for different markets such as CONTRACT and HOME FURNISHING. To learn more about the research carried out in the project click on the link: https://www.aitex.es/portfolio/habitat-2020/

habitat 2020

Source: DaytripStudio

These projects are supported by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball de la Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE. (FILE: IMAMCI/2020/1)

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