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AITEX grants more than 70.000€ in the second call of the grants programme for social projects and initiatives



01st March 2021

The President of AITEX, León Grau, and the Institute’s Managing Director, Vicente Blanes, presented the second Donations and Social Aid Programme 2021, through which eleven associations and foundations received more than 70.000€ for their social projects.
RdP Programa Ayudas Sociales

AITEX has promoted the second call for “Donations to Social Projects and Initiatives”. The call is designed to contribute to initiatives aimed at caring for priority groups at risk of social exclusion through projects that help cover basic needs, personal, and social support and improvement in quality of life, while recognising and collaborating with non-profit organisations that work for the good of society.

AITEX granted €70,792 to finance initiatives aimed at disability, dependency, poverty and risk of social exclusion.

The successful candidates were assessed for their capacity to develop the project (infrastructure and necessary staff), experience in carrying out similar projects, social impact and objective identification of needs, social, technical and economic viability, and the overall quality of the proposal.

Eleven associations received grants from the Donations and Social Aid Programme:


  • ACOVIFA – Asociación Contra la Violencia de Género y Familiar – Alcoy y Comarca.

Grant: €8,000

The project provides victims of gender-based violence with the appropriate tools to cover their needs and the necessary support to achieve their social inclusion.


  • ADIBI – Association for the Disabled and Rare Diseases of Ibi.

Grant: €8,000

The “ConVida20Adibi” project supports ten children with disabilities between 0 and 16 years of age whose families lack economic resources by offering individualised physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psycho-pedagogy, and psychology and speech therapy services.


  • AEPA – Foundation for the Analysis, Study and Prevention of Addiction in the Valencian Community, action to be carried out in Alcoy.

Grant: €5,000

The INTEGRA’2 project provides therapy for people who are socially excluded due to their addiction, helping them get their lives back on track. Therapies include a therapeutic garden, leisure and free time programmes and animal-assisted therapies.


  • AMACMEC – Asociación Mujeres Afectadas por Cáncer de Mama de Elche y Comarca, action to be carried out in Crevillente.

Grant: € 7,072

The “Mucho por Vivir” programme provides support and information during the process and treatment of breast cancer to enhance the physical, psychological and social well-being of cancer patients.


  • APCA – Cerebral Palsy Association of Alicante, action to be carried out in Onil.

Grant: €5,000

The project proposes the use of new technologies so that the organisation’s health care professionals can attend children with cerebral palsy.


  • Asociación Amigos de los Ancianos – Residencia San Francisco de Ontinyent.

Grant: €8,000

The “Cuidem Junts” project mitigates the loneliness of the elderly by carrying out a personal care plan.


  • ASD Association – Asperger Font Roja Mariola, from Alcoy.

Grant: €8,000

The project promotes the social skills of people with ET, helping people with Asperger’s syndrome, childhood autism disorder, atypical autism and unspecified pervasive developmental disorder (PDD-NOS).


  • Coratge Association, from Alcoy.

Grant: €6,720

The “Renàixer per viure” project helps increase the autonomy and independence of people who have suffered brain damage by providing neuropsychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy and neuro-physiotherapy services.


  • FISAT – Angel Tomás Solidarity Initiative Foundation, action to be carried out in Alcoy.

Grant: €5,000

The Don Bosco Educational Support Project carries out preventive work with children at social risk, facilitating guidance and contributing to the full social integration of the people it looks after through socio-educational support, family monitoring and leisure and free time programmes. The result is a contribution to the personal development of children and long-term beneficial impact.


  • La Salle Acoge Foundation, action to be carried out in Alcoy.

Grant: €5,000

The project ‘Hogares Nou Horitzó Alcoy I and II’ offers comprehensive shelter and basic needs care, as well as social inclusion for people at risk of social exclusion, through the maintenance and operation of sheltered accommodation in Alcoy for people aged between 18 and 25 years old, to promote their social and family integration.


  • Archbishop Miguel Roca Canonical Foundation – Proyecto Hombre and Caritas Ontinyent

Grant: €5,000

The project aims to improve the employability and social inclusion of people with addiction problems at the Ontinyent Day Centre.

All the selected associations carry out their social work in the areas of Alcoy, Ontinyent, Ibi, Onil, Crevillente.

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