R+D of articles designed to prevent pathologies of the lower leg using therapeutic textiles

by Neus Jorda


28th October 2019

Good health is a vital aspect of modern life, but keeping healthy and improving our quality of life requires care. Certain aspects, both for the prevention of diseases and their treatment, must be taken into account.

The TPTex Project aims to improve the Quality of life in two specific sectors:

  • Women suffering from pathologies caused by the accumulation of lymph or fat in the lower leg, such as lymphedema and lipedema.
  • Athletes who require recovery assistance for muscle and body fatigue after long-distance races or strenuous exercise.

The project aims to help improve health through the relationship between the textile sector and physical activity.

Lipedema is a disease that affects between 10 and 16% of the population and was recognised as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2018.

The development of new textile solutions (their structure, materials and properties) is particularly relevant. A market study into pathologies discovered that a bespoke compression garment may cost as much as 300 euros, which many people cannot afford, and must be replaced approximately every 5 months when in daily use. The project aims to collaborate with external services and partners to create ideal garments for sports.

TPTex focuses on preventing injuries and improving health, by researching the use of textile applications for compression garments used during sport and physical activity. The project has two main lines of action:

  • Compressive textile substrates for the improvement of pathologies of the lower limb, caused by the accumulation of fat (lipedema) or lymph (lymphedema).
  • Compressive textile substrates for the improvement of muscle and body function after long-distance running that take the body to its limits.

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