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Great turnout in the 1st event to boost the textile sector

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On the 24th of October, the first event to boost the textile sector, organised by the AITEX UPV Chair, ATEVAL and ACETEX, with the support of the Ministry of Sustainable Economy and IVACE, took place at IVAM Alcoi. During the meeting, the CEO of Leroy Merlin, Ignacio Sánchez delved into the future trends in the textile sector. More than 200 participants came together to toast the importance of the textile sector in our regions.

The textile sector celebrated the first event to boost the textile sector organised by the AITEX-UPV Chair, in collaboration with the Association of Textile Entrepreneurs of the Valencian Community (ATEVAL) and the Regional Association of Entrepreneurs Textiles de l´Alcoià i el Comtat (ACETEX), supported by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible i sectors productius and IVACE. During the morning, students visited the Textile Vocations Showroom, where manufacturers in the central regions exhibited their innovative products to show young people the potential of the sector.

In the more formal event held in the afternoon, Leroy Merlin CEO Ignacio Sánchez presented the latest and future trends in the textile sector, with his presentation ‘Textile sector: Competing in the 21st century’. He explained the keys to how companies must compete in today’s technological world.Sanchez stressed the importance of corporate social responsibility in today’s society, and how companies have to take these aspects on board in their strategic business plans.
‘If you want to change the future, start by changing yourself’ with this message Sánchez encouraged the young people present to be aware of the importance of their decisions to achieving their goals.

Júlia Company, Director General of IVACE, closed the event on behalf of the public sector, highlighting the work of the AITEX-UPV chair “and the importance of joint projects between institutions, organisations and companies for the benefit of a sector with solid roots in the central regions and with a recognised presence nationally and internationally”.

The meeting also served as a showcase for the activities carried out by the AITEX-UPV Chair during the 2018-19 academic year.


• Awards for Final Degree Projects in the textile sector, presented by Guillermina Tormo, Director of the Vice-Rectorate Area for Employment and Entrepreneurship at the UPV.

3rd Prize: Cristina Mira Cuenca, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.
2nd prize: María Berruezo de Lara, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.
1st prize: María José Serrano Flores, Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development student at UPV Campus d’Alcoi.

• Startup Prize in the textile sector, presented by Rafael Pascual, President of AITEX.

Gema Figuerola, for her sustainable fashion project Tangente de 90.

•  Premio al Mejor expediente mención textil del Grado en Ingeniería en Diseño Industrial y Desarrollo de Productos curso 2018/19, entregado por Càndid Penalva, Presidente de ATEVAL.

Premiada Cristina María Cuenca.

• Citation for the best textile student in Engineering in Industrial Design and Product Development in 2018/19, awarded by Càndid Penalva, President of ATEVAL.

Awarded to Cristina María Cuenca.

• Recognition Challenge SEAT TEXTIL CHALLENGE, presented by Juan Ignacio Torregrosa, Director UPV Campus d’Alcoi

3rd prize: “Live more and better behind the wheel of a Seat” by Víctor Silvestre and Iñaki Blanquer
2nd prize: “More comfortable seat belt, with a warning sign” by Christian Fuentes, María Pérez and María Sancho.
1st prize: “Textile for the environment” by Javier Romera, Sara Peris, Carlos Abianza and Gabriel Mateu.

• Recognition Awards Home Textile Contest, presented by Vicente Blanes, General Director, AITEX.

– Printing category:
3rd prize: FIXEA project presented by Saúl Pérez
2nd prize: FUNNY FOREST project presented by Laura Díaz
1st prize: UBUNTU project presented by Borja Salido García

– Jacquard category:
3rd prize: GIRASOLES ANTHOS presented by Ana Martí Martín
2nd prize: PINEAPPLE presented by Mª Cristina Puchades
1st prize: MONARCA presented by Mª Cristina Puchadesç

• Award for Designs with Textile Components ACETEX – Escola D’art de Alcoy, presented by José Martínez, President of ACETEX.

First Prize: Verónica Llin Albero for her NERVE OF NATURE project
Second Prize: Kathy Peñafiel for her LUMIX PARDINUS project

• Recognition for TEXDENCIA

TEXDENCIA is the Spontaneous Generation group of the UPV. The group’s hard work, dedication and enthusiasm makes it possible for the Chair to promote its activities among students.

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