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The COSTUME project develops a new technical profile in clothing


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9th July 2020

The COSTUME project arose from the idea of creating an exciting new EU-approved technical training qualification of Clothing Technician for Portugal, Spain and Romania, in line with the historical context and the EU’s Skills Agenda.

The main objective is to identify the training needs of the textile sector and provide a joint academic response at European level to the needs of the clothing and fashion industries.

There is a range of other specific objectives:

  • To identify needs, trends and patterns in skills and job demands (skills intelligence) for the textile and clothing sector.
  • To improve the attractiveness, quality and relevance of training in the clothing sector.
  • To create and update the most visible and comparable profile and technical skills of a textile and clothing professional, facilitating the mobility of qualified people within the EU.
  • To increase the attractiveness of the textile and clothing sectors and to encourage the recruitment of talent, to increase the employability of young people.
  • To generate information to enable people to make better career choices in the EU and help them to find higher quality jobs and improve their opportunities.
  • To strengthen networking and partnership building in line with the vocational training policies of the different stakeholders at European, regional and national level during the implementation of the project and after.

The project aims to contribute to reducing the skills mismatch between the supply of qualifications and the demands of the textile and clothing sector, by increasing the interest of young people to enrol in technical profile qualifications and to motivate employees to update their knowledge. This will promote internal support mechanisms for workers when updating their qualifications, as well as encouraging European mobility and validating this new academic profile in Romania, Spain and Portugal.

COSTUME is funded by the European Commission. This publication is the sole responsibility of its author. The Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained herein. Project Nº.: 597854-EPP-1-2018-1-PT-EPPKA3-VET-JQ.

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