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AITEX at Home Textiles Premium in Madrid

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Details are being finalised for the fifth Home Textiles Premium fair, which will be held between the 11th and 13th of September in Madrid’s Caja Mágica. More than 200 firms will attend, with AITEX among them on stand 37, Hall 1.

AITEX will be part of a series of conferences in the “EL CUBO” exhibition space. The winners of the third AITEX-UPV Home Textiles Awards will be announced on the 11th of September at 16:00, where design students will present their printed and Jacquard projects.
The ‘Hábitat inteligente del futuro’ presentation will take place on the 12th September at 10:40, presenting the product and market trends for private and public living spaces. Then, at 11:00, AITEX’s Technicians will present “Tendencias en el sector hostelero y retail”. Both presentations form part of the VALHABITAT project, supported by the Consellería d’ Economia sostenible, sectors productius, comerç i treball de la Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE. For more details on the programme, visit: http://eventos.infinityinner.com/56
During the fair, AITEX will announce the second edition of the 2019 Business Awards to recognise the work of Spanish textile companies. The awards will be in two categories: Innovation and Sustainability.
The objective of AITEX at the event is to present to the industry the principal strategic areas of activity as regards innovation and the research projects and training services the Institute can offer.

Innovations in home textiles

AITEX’s innovation work is fully backed up by our own laboratories and certification services where we carry out QA control on products and certify compliance with technical requirements and standards to meet all existing legislation. New for AITEX this year will be the presentation of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certificate, which verifies the recycled content of products and the social, environmental and chemical processes employed during manufacture.
The Institute also certifies decorative and upholstery fabrics in compliance with fire behaviour tests for the UK, France, Italy, the USA and others. The event will also be an opportunity to present the full range of OEKO-TEX® certificates, and the new wider scope of products covered by them. OEKO-TEX® is recognised around the world, demonstrates that a product is not harmful to health and that the manufacturer is environmentally responsible, and respects workers’ rights.

R+D applied to home textiles

With regards to R+D, the Institute will present the research it is carrying out into sustainability and new functionalisation technologies in interior design, smart textiles using embroidery, research and development of sustainable finishing techniques, the development electronic sensors and circuits on flexible backing using additive manufacturing. AITEX’s technical fibres and nanotechnology, technical finishes, health and cosmetics, materials and sustainability and smart textiles and ICT solutions research groups are carrying out the research.