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Seminar: Industry 4.0 an engine for change in textile companies


Industry 4.0 (II)

Cloud, Cybersecurity and Big Data

The second edition of Industry Seminar, Industry 4.0: “Cloud, Cybersecurity and Big Data”, took place in AITEX on June 25. The objective was to bring new technologies and textile companies closer together to demonstrate the advantages of technology to SMEs, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

The Seminar had more than 40 visitors, and the results of the general assessment questionnaires were positive. Industry 4.0 applied to the textile sector allows us to combine flexibility and efficiency in production, leading to cost reductions, shorter lead times and reductions in raw materials and energy consumption, coupled with less waste for more sustainable processes.

The textile sector faces new challenges from the two-way impact of digitalisation: on the one hand, the consumer is becoming more demanding, while on the other, companies have new technologies at their disposal to respond to this greater demand and be more competitive.

3 speakers from the industry addressed the seminar.

Miguel Egea, technical engineer in computer systems of the company SolidQ showed us the applicability of BIG-DATA in each specific case. He explained what Big-data brings to SMEs, what the costs are and showed its practical application in our industry.

Eduard Tomás of PlainConcepts got us into the cloud, talking about its advantages and limitations, how to get the most out of it and the start-up costs to companies.

And finally, the seminar ended with a presentation by Luis Samblás, Systems and Networks Analyst at the Polytechnic University of Valencia-Campus de Alcoy, CEO and CTO of Protect-it. Luis explained the world of cybersecurity through practical demonstrations, to analyse the current state of information technologies in the business world.

These business seminars form the introduction and first part of an approach that is complemented by a subsequent diagnosis of the company to reveal the true current state of affairs in textile companies with regards to Industry 4.0. The approach is further augmented with training and implementation in the company, where a roadmap for the application of Industry 4.0 is prepared, focusing on the explanation of improvements, capabilities and the design of customised initiatives for the company in question.

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