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Technology centres request more R+D funding in the congress of representatives


22th june

AITEX attends the Congress of Representatives: “Technology Centres: key agents for innovation and business competitiveness”. During the event, REDIT and FEDIT reported on the impact nationwide of technology centres on business competitiveness and the economy before deputies and representatives of the System for Innovation.

The event was opened by the PSOE Representative, Patricia Blanquer, who welcomed the attendees and applauded this type of event, at which the main agents in Spanish innovation have the opportunity to explain their work and voice their concerns.

The General Director of the Spanish Federation of Technological Centres (FEDIT), Áureo Díaz-Carrasco went on to explain in detail the nature of the technology centres and stressed the importance of Public Administration support for R+D+I budgets, “beyond an annual commitment that leads to great uncertainty”. In this regard, he added that “it is urgent to design multi-year plans that provide stability to technology centres, as key agents in business competitiveness.”

The Director General of REDIT, Cristina Del Campo, described the Valencian model of technology centres, emphasising its work “on the factory floor together with manufacturers” that has turned REDIT “into the first national support network for SMEs”.

In addition, del Campo reported on the work of the Network: “In 2017, REDIT received 97 million euros, of which 64% came from direct billing to companies and 36% from competitive public grants. Of these revenues, 67% came from R & D & I activities”.

During the Conference, the book “Companies that Change the World” was presented, an informative and foresight initiative in which experts from The Technological Institutes of the Valencian Community reflect on the great challenges facing society in the West, such as the aging population, food shortages, hyper-connectivity, new ways of manufacturing, etc. In addition, more than 30 success stories are included from companies that in the context of these major challenges, are striving to improve their products and services through R + D + i.

After the presentation of the book there was a round table including innovative companies , which was moderated by the director of the national journal “Innovadores” Eugenio Mallol. During the session, executives from Oncovision, Acteco, Glent Shoes, Colorker and Tag Ingenieros told of the innovative initiatives they have developed together with the Technological Centres of REDIT.

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