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El The European LEARNINGTEX Project will train workers, the unemployed and students in the use of artificial vision technology



28 junio

Quality control is an important link in the textile value chain. Traditionally, inspection has been carried out by an operator visually and manually, which is ineffective. With the appearance of new technologies, a large part of these tasks can be automated. Specifically, Artificial Vision using high-speed cameras linked to computers to perform inspections automatically to extremely high degrees of accuracy.

AITEX coordinates the European LEARNINGTEX project, which aims to train operators, the unemployed and students in the use of Artificial Vision technology. The course is in a MOOC format, supporting the use of new approaches in learning to help textile employees and other employees broaden their knowledge of QA technologies to enable workers with obsolete knowledge to be integrated into the employment market by learning new technologies of use to their employers.

The  LEARNINGTEX MOOC has created a range of videos on specific themes including the types of defects that can appear during the textile process, the components of an Artificial Vision system, and how to apply Artificial Vision to detect defects. However, the course also offers textile content for those who are less familiar, for example: fibre types, twist, weaving, etc. The MOOC is structured into 4 composite units in different lessons and these in turn are composed of more than 70 videos. The Units in the MOOC are:

  • Unit 1. Introduction to woven fabrics
  • Unit 2. Main defects in woven fabrics
  • Unit 3. Introduction to advanced QA systems: Artificial vision
  • Unit 4. Use of artificial vision for the detection of defects in woven fabrics

Throughout the lessons the student will complete various self-evaluation tests to check their progress. The MOOC is focused on a broad target group, from students and employees to the unemployed, and no prior knowledge is required for the course.


Start date: 01/10/2016

End date: 30/09/2018

Coordinador: AITEX

Partners: ANTECING S.L, BEST Institut fur Berufsbezogene Weiterbildung and Personaltraining, CITEVE – Technological Center das Indústrias Têxtil e do Vestuario de Portugal and Universitat Politécnica de València campus d’Alcoi.





The LEARNINGTEX project (2016-1-ES01-KA202-025640) has been funded by the European Commission. This post is the sole responsibility of its author. The Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information disseminated here.

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