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Research projects in high added-value textile solutions for strategic markets


23rd April 2019

AITEX defines its research projects in line with the European Strategic Agenda for Innovation and Research in the Textile and Clothing Industry, Horizon 2025. The Strategic Agenda identifies and describes the most important strategic research lines for the textile industry and the research priorities within the horizon of the next few years to 2025. The Agenda has identified 4 Strategic Innovation Themes which are essential because of their particular impact on the evolution of the textile and clothing industry:

I. New high-performance, functionalised textile materials

II. Advanced manufacturing and digitalisation of the value chain and business models (Industry 4.0)

III. The circular economy and resource efficiency

IV. High added-value solutions for growing strategic markets

AITEX is researching the following lines concerned with high added-value solutions for growing strategic markets:

  • Research into added-value textile solutions for the habitat sector. VALHABITAT

The core objective is to carry out research and analysis and offer consultation and transfer of trends to promote product development in the HABITAT sector.

All the trends we have studied are focused on HABITAT and more specifically on products which are influenced by society: sociocultural and technological factors whose development impacts a particular market.

  • Research of high added-value solutions for cosmetics.  

The main objective of the COSMÉTICA  project is to study and develop high added-value solutions for cosmetics, particularly as regards:

  • Research of new natural ingredients with cosmetic properties
  • Research into the encapsulation of active compounds to enhance their functionality, stability and to enable their release over time.
  • Research into new cosmetic formats to apply active compounds: nanofibre veils to encapsulate and protect delicate active compounds.
  •  Design and manufacture of double-sided nanofibre veils and research into their biological performance for periodontal treatment. DENTALTEX

The motivation behind DENTALTEX was that the morphology and ability to release periodontal drugs and compounds would justify the development of an optimised alternative to the non-additivated membranes currently available.

The project has developed a double-sided bioabsorbable nanofibre veil which can provide specific properties depending on the side used, to treat different areas affected by periodontal disease. One face of the veil is designed to promote alveolar bone regrowth and the other to regenerate periodontal ligament and the radicular cement.

These projects are funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.

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