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New High-Performance functionalised textiles



12th September 2019


To meet demands for new high-performance functionalised materials, AITEX is focusing its attention on the following fields of research:
§  High-performance technical fibres and yarns

§  New 3D textile structures

§  Multifunctional textile surfaces and their processing technologies (technical finishes)

§  Smart, functionalised structures; «e-textiles» and «smart wearable systems».

In this respect, AITEX is carrying out R+D of the following projects:


The core objective of the  INNFORMULATION project is to research new ingredients and formulations to respond to the requirements of the cosmetics industry for safe, natural products that are innovative and efficiency-enhanced.
There are two broad objectives:
*  To study new preservative systems using natural products
*  To develop biomemetic systems for the efficient delivery of active compounds.

[+] More information about INNFORMULATION


The LIBERACIÓN AVANZADA project is studying how to protect vitamins and probiotics to enhance their stability and efficacy in a cosmetic formulation.

The expected results will include the creation of solutions to improve the efficacy of vitamins and probiotics using advanced controlled-release technologies.

[+] More information about LIBERACIÓN AVANZADA


The FLEXITEX II project focuses on the research and development of sensorised fabrics by printing flexible circuits onto flexible fabric backings.

The project will study printing multi-layer applications using dyes made from conducting, dielectric and resistive materials to create a range of sensors.

[+] Información del Proyecto FLEXITEX II


The LIGHTCOMP project is studying how to develop low-weight, functional composites for the transport industry. The project will specifically focus on the development of high added-value solutions for the car industry.

[+] More information about LIGHTCOMP 2019


This project is funded by la Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE.


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