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AITEX coordinates the HABITAT @ FUTURE Project – Complementary actions of the HABITAT hypersector aimed at developing solutions with a high added-value factor and impact via the collaboration of creative, technological and industrial agents in Valencia, with the financial support of the Valencian Agency for Innovation through the Complementary Actions to Promote and Strengthen Innovation. Habitat Programme

The objective of the project is to foster the creation of strategic alliances among the agents of the Valencian Innovation System of the Habitat hypersector, giving rise to projects with high added value that combine both technical and creative elements which are innovative while being facilitators for new technologies, as well as the dissemination of R + D + i between companies.
The expected result is the development of an interactive virtual platform from where resources such as materials, infrastructures, technologies, services and R & D capacities can be accessed, and collaboration between designers, architects, the private sector and universities, as well as associations and technological institutes is encouraged to create intersectoral alliances.
File No:  INNACC00 / 18/027

This Project has the financial support of the  Agencia Valenciana de la Innovación via the Complementary Actions to drive and strengthen Innovation.


Nº Expediente:

Convivencia AVI-Generalitat1-01

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