by Beatriz Domenech

R+D Projects

17th February 2021


Connected homes are becoming a reality. Our relationship with our home is changing radically and depends to an ever-greater extent, on virtual assistants and the internet of things. However, there are various barriers that get in the way of making this new reality attainable for all, such as high cost, usability, safety concerns and the problems associated with making manufacturing automated.

The core objective of E-BRODER 3 is to research and develop smart textiles with a high added-value factor using embroidery technology for a range of domotic applications for use in different textile subsectors: home textiles, upholstery, decoration and contract furnishing.

This year, AITEX has worked on four lines of research:

  • The research and development of wireless energy transmission systems by embroidering conductive yarn into an article.
  • The research and development of advanced multilayer tactile sensors that can be integrated into a textile.
  • The research and development of sequins that incorporate advanced environmental sensors to make smart textile manufacturing more automated.
  • The research and development of textile screens that can display images and text via integrated RGB LEDs.

The results obtained include:

  • Textile articles with the capacity to capture data on important parameters for the user when a smartphone is in close proximity.
  • Smart textiles that get their power wirelessly
  • Textile floor coverings that detect presence using integrated conductive borders
  • Textiles with the ability to detect pressure exerted on a surface
  • Textile articles with integrated sensors to detect movement, proximity, atmospheric pressure, sound, etc.
  • The development of textile articles with the capacity to display luminous notifications and warnings.

This project is supported by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball de la Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, and is co-financed by the EU ERDF funds, within the Operational Programme ERDF of the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020. (File: IMDEEA/2020/12)

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