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BIOSEA Workshop


On the 25th of November, the BIOSEA project held a workshop looking at the social and economic future for algae.

The workshop was held at the REDIT facilities in Paterna Technology Park, with more than 30 specialists from various sectors and included a space for the promotion and publication of research projects.


The BIOSEA project

The core goal of the BIOSEA project is the validation and scaling-up of a complete production process for ingredients obtained from 4 strains of algae, including the initial and subsequent stages of the process, fitting into the concept of cascade bio-refinery incorporating pre-treatment technologies (cell disruption), fractionation and conversion.

The innovation factor resides in the application of conventional processes on algae, or in combination with other techniques, for the recovery of multiple compounds from a single biomass, a process that requires continuous adjustments and technological optimisation.

The BIOSEA process will be effective and environmentally friendly, producing low-cost compounds for markets such as food, feed and cosmetics. It will ensure the repeatability and adaptability of the process on an industrial scale, to contribute to the reduction of European imports of raw materials, reducing pressure on land resources, and opening new niche markets and business opportunities.

The project is designed around seven sequential work packages covering the entire chain of production and application of algae-based ingredients; from the cultivation of algae biomass, through sustainable extraction, cascading, reducing waste, to the inclusion of ingredients in final products, to obtain innovative and scalable results.


This project has received funding from Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking in the framework of the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under contract No 745622.


Este proyecto ha recibido financiación de Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking en el marco del Programa de Investigación e Innovación Horizon 2020 de la Unión Europea bajo el contrato No 745622.

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