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Reducing costs and maximising profits



The aim of the seminars is to make know-how available to the industry so manufacturers can understand the key factors involved in reducing an organisation’s costs, while maximising its profits.

The afternoon’s first presentation was by Eduard Calvo, who spoke on the topic of “The DNA of Industrial Champions”. The talk looked at the characteristics of companies who are successful on an industrial level by applying innovation and impeccable management strategies. Eduard gave a series of examples of how large companies must decide which areas of their business need managing efficiently or with efficacy.

Ramón Nomdedeu presented the “Keys to 100% reliable pricing“. Pricing is one of the IT tools which business managers have at their fingertips to optimise profits for every single product the company sells. Nomdedeu explained how pricing became less important as our industry’s market sold with wide profit margins, but how it has bounced back as a crucial tool in the modern market where globalisation has forced companies to become fiercely competitive.

Fernando Hermenegildo closed the day’s presentations with his presentation on “Improvements in Productivity through Lean Management” which underlined that the key is to allow people to improve processes continuously. Lean management is an industrial tool which must be supported by good people management to ensure continuous, day-to-day improvement.
The last two presentations offered a diagnostic service that will be available to AITEX member companies.

For more information on prices and availability, contact Quico Sempere, Head of AITEX’s Institutional Department. (qsempere@aitex.es)

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