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OEKO-TEX® presents its new brand identity

The new identity reflects the active, positive and always solution-oriented approach. The new brand conveys clarity, consistency and transparency.


OEKO-TEX®, the global certifier of textile and leather production and products, has launched its new brand identity, clearer and unifying all certificates under one umbrella. The brand is renewed, but without losing its values and philosophy, that of creating trust within the textile and leather industry.


What visual and graphic lines mark the new identity of OEKO-TEX®?

The most visible change is the new OEKO-TEX® logo, based on a geometric square and an organic circle, reflecting the brand’s scientific approach and the nature it seeks to protect. Typographically, it is supported by a stylized, organic form that is reminiscent of natural structures, such as leaves, drops, or textile loops.

Regarding the color palette, it has been reduced to highlight the umbrella brand with a new green OEKO-TEX®. This corporate color is combined with white and/or black according to needs.

Now the product logos are subordinate to the umbrella brand, creating a unified and homogeneous hierarchy. This will facilitate communication with OEKO-TEX® certification and will promote brand recognition by the end consumer.


Based on scientific principles, OEKO-TEX® has always promoted transparency in the textile and leather industry for three decades. Transparency is essential for companies and consumers to make responsible decisions and the new brand identity reflects this commitment.


With the change of brand identity, another certificate arrives to the OEKO-TEX® family: RESPONSIBLE BUSINESS, which certifies the optimization of responsible manufacturing processes.

It certifies the management system of a company and assesses the extent to which due diligence obligations are fulfilled in terms of human rights and environmental criteria and, therefore, which influence the supply chain. The focus is on the company’s own business activities as well as cooperation with direct suppliers and the extended textile and leather supply chain.

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