New sleep systems using sensorised textiles to monitor sleep patterns among the elderly and infants

by Neus Jorda

ECUS SLEEP S.L., with the collaboration of AITEX, has developed a new smart sleep system to improve sleep quality. The system comprises a sensorised mattress cover for infants and adults and a functional pillow, both equipped with a sleep monitoring app.

The objective was to research and develop a sensorised rest system to monitor the sleep patterns of the elderly and infants. Prototype infant and adult mattresses were developed which incorporate a sensorised cover, foam, electronics and app., additionally, a smart pillow was developed with a core, electronics and a control app.

The core goal was divided into milestones:

  • From a scientific perspective, the goal focuses on researching sleep behaviour of the very young and the elderly. The project collates and transmits data on the user to the observer.
  • Technologically, the objective focused on using sensorisation to monitor each of the parameters of interest such as perspiration, temperature, moisture and pressure,
  • From the perspective of health and wellbeing, the goal was to design the system architecture so the unit can notify the user of risks as they arise, optimising the signal received and the data it provides. Data exchange is wireless, eliminating the need for uncomfortable wires and components which may pose a risk to the user.
  • Commercially, work has centred on the creation of an innovative product line of sleep textiles for infants and the elderly, with a series of properties designed to improve sleep quality to allow ECUS to capture a niche market.

Article published in AITEX review, May of 2017. Read more

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