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Design as a motor for value in the fashion industry


On March 1 the ‘Design as a generator of value in the fashion industry’ conference took place in the Prince Felipe Museum of the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, attended by more than 150 international designers, experts and artisans.

Rafael Pascual, President of AITEX, Julia Company, Director General of IVACE and Silvia Draghi, from the European Commission gave the opening speeches.

The keynote speaker was David Parrish, with his presentation ‘How to become a successful entrepreneur in the creative industry’. Parrish inspired attendees by showing how to best use creative business models, competitive advantages, strategic marketing, intellectual property, among others.

Julia Körner spoke on ‘The importance of 3D printing for the fashion industry’. Körner is an award-winning designer who works at the convergence of architecture, fashion and product design, specialising in Additive Manufacturing and Robotics. Her work has been exhibited internationally in museums, institutions and publications of world renown, and she is recognised at the highest level of her discipline.

Natsai A. Chieza is a designer, facilitator of changes and speaker who works at the intersection of the creative and biotechnology industries. She is the founder and director of Faber Futures, a London-based biodesign laboratory that is catalysing the alignment of DNA-scale engineering with the methods and principles of critical design thinking for the circular economy. She spoke of her experience in ‘New generation of biomaterials and their convergence with technology and design’.

She was followed by Koen Snoeckx, who spoke about the growing importance of interdisciplinarity as a source of innovation in the new social paradigm.

The day ended with a round table with experts from the fashion industry where the new paradigms and the evolution of the industry were discussed. Joep Paemen ended with the presentation ‘Design Thinking’, which focused on a human-centred approach to innovation, the value proposition and the design of successful experiences.

The seminar formed part of the project “INDIPRO – RESEARCH IN PHYSICAL AND VIRTUAL DESIGN AND PROTOTYPE APPLIED TO CLOTHING”, funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball through IVACE.

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