Development of ecological multifilaments with a high added-value factor

by Sara Sanz


28th of May

The use of synthetic fibres is now widespread. However, the shortage of the main raw material, oil, and the levels of pollution generated during the production process pose a major problem. The SPUNTEX project aims to develop sustainable fabrics from multifilaments derived from polyesters, and with various functionalities incorporated such as anti-odour and flame-retardant capability, and UV protection.

Synthetic fibres are the most popular worldwide fibre type, and Polyester (PET) is the leader with a 70% market share. In the near future, this high demand will become PET’s major drawback as raw materials become scarcer coupled to the environmental concerns posed by high CO2 emissions created by the manufacturing process.

AITEX has detected sufficient need to propose this project to develop new multifilaments from sustainable polyesters, such as recycling from bottles (rPET) or partially biobased (bioPET), which will include innovative features such as anti-odour and fireproof functionality, traceability or UV protection.

The general objective of the project is to develop new multifilaments from sustainable polyesters, such as recycling from bottles (rPET) or those synthesised from certain biodegradable materials (bioPET).

Additionally, these fibres will incorporate new functionalities such as anti-odour and fireproof capabilities, traceability or UV protection. This will be achieved during the compounding process, as prior to the project, these capabilities could only be additivated into virgin raw material, not recycled or bio materials.

The final goal of the project is to provide new added-value factors for manufacturers in the textile sector of the Valencian Autonomous Region through the implementation and use of new sustainable raw material.

The successful completion of the SPUNTEX project will provide fibre for the following sectors: lingerie, fashion, sportswear, workwear, labels and tapes, the car industry, home textiles, furniture and contract furnishings.

This project has the support of the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana through IVACE, and is co-financed by the ERDF funds of the EU, within the ERDF Operational Programme of the Comunitat Valenciana 2014 -2020. FILE: IMDEEA / 2018/110

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