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Presentation of the trends handbook 2019-2020 at “Fashion child”


AEI de la Infancia, in collaboration with ASEPRI and the technology institutes AIJU and AITEX have organised an event to take place on the 17th October in Alicante, at which the Trends Handbook 2019-2020, published by the childcare and children’s fashion sectors will be presented.

The Asociación de Empresas Innovadoras de la infancia (AEI de la Infancia) will present its first Children’s Fashion Trends Handbook, which is the result of the PROSPEINFANCIA 4.0 project: – Prospecting trends in children’s products and incorporating them into the manufacturing process using digital technology, which has been supported by the Ministry for Economy, Industry and Competitiveness with the participation of AITEX, ASEPRI, Tutto Piccolo and Paz Rodriguez.

The handbook provides management and product advisers with key data on market trends and innovations that will help them make informed decisions with regards to designing children’s fashion products.

Anyone using the handbook will gain insights into the why’s and wherefores of upcoming trends from a strategic perspective, enabling them to steer their own design projects more efficiently and innovatively.

Research and the analysis of innovations in product design, the sociocultural environment and the behaviour of the market were all crucial for profiling 5 key topics that will affect design trends in the coming seasons.



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