Presentation of the LEARNINGTEX Project massive open online course

by Neus Jorda

R + D

Presentation of the LEARNINGTEX Project massive open online course on textile quality control, with participation by AITEX.

Having finalised the creation of the digital content, LEARNINGTEX is now concentrating on validating and finalising the OER (Open Educational Resources) which will form the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on textile quality assurance using advanced technology.

Over the last few months, the OERs have been presented to different audiences and target groups in the countries in the consortium and the partners have had the opportunity to collaborate on the project by evaluating the knowledge they have acquired in the field by getting a first-hand look at the resources we have created.


The OERs were finalised during July and August and uploaded to the MOOC platform, and during September they will be presented to the different target groups.

The first presentation will take place in Alcoy on the Valencia Polytechnic campus, followed by subsequent presentations in the other member countries.



The project has received financing from the European Commission. Publication (communication) is the sole responsibility of the author. The Commission shall not be held responsible for the use to which the information contained herein is put.

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