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The services AITEX offers to the Cosmetics Industry


Technical Unit

The cosmetics sector is growing rapidly, in 2016 overall consumption of cosmetics and perfume in Spain grew by 3.25% to reach 6,656 million euros, according to data provided by STANPA, the Spanish National Perfumes and Cosmetics Association. Growth in the sector is an important factor in creating expansion in Spanish industry as a whole.

AITEX has a well-founded background in applied chemistry in the textile industry and is ideally placed to bring this experience, potential and know-how to bear on the cosmetics industry. The Institute is fully equipped with up to date sophisticated laboratory equipment and research plant which is ideal for the cosmetics sector and we have created the new Cosmetics Technical Unit to provide advanced R+D services to the sector.

Perhaps the most relevant of the Institute’s existing research lines is that of investigating the micro and nano encapsulation of active compounds using a variety of different techniques. The aim of these approaches is to stabilise and protect the active compound, preventing or delaying its degradation by trapping the compound within a capsule for controlled release when and where it is needed.

In addition, as regards natural, responsible cosmetics, research is underway into natural pigments obtained from micro and macro algae and other plants for use in haircare products and decorative cosmetics. We are also studying new active compounds from plants and biotechnological processes to meet the demands of the beauty and nutricosmetics sectors such as the need for efficient antioxidants, antimicrobial and regenerative compounds. 

AITEX has modern sophisticated laboratory equipment to perform the characterisation of cosmetics products in general including microbiological, physical and chemical testing and researching a product’s sensorial, stability and biocompatibility profiles.

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