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Postgraduate course in Technology and Textile Innovation, jointly with IED Madrid



AITEX participates in the Postgraduate Course in Technology and Textile Innovation given by the IED in Madrid which focuses on research and technology as key values for fashion.  


The exponential growth experienced by the world of fashion is forcing designers and brands to face up to new challenges such as innovative fabrics, new processes and distribution models, etc. which are providing the industry with key values while meeting the needs of tomorrow’s consumers.

Technology offers new characteristics which add value to a product and set it aside from the competition; materials which can change colour with changes in temperature, garments with wearable technology and those made with stain-repellent technical fabrics, to name a few.

The Postgraduate Course in Technology and Textile Innovation will give the student a wide range of knowledge in the application of new technologies in materials, manufacturing processes and management techniques.

The goals of the postgraduate course include: 
  • To discover new technological materials which will expand our creative possibilities.
  • Learn about proven, working state-of-the-art processes, which provide added-value factors to each stage of the product’s life cycle.
  • Give the student all the skills necessary to carry out a product development project, from strategic planning through to a successful project completion.
  • Gain an understanding of how the economic, environmental and human dimensions can provide key added values to a product.
  • Gain actionable know-how which will place you in the position of an expert in applied technology in the fashion world.
  • Complete a project which will serve as a portfolio of new skills and know-how.
The exciting career opportunities that will be open to you include:  
  • Business development manager
  • Product manager
  • Buyer with specialist knowledge of sustainability and innovation
  • Consultant in textile technology and sustainability
  • Designer with expert knowledge in textile innovation
  • A fashion entrepreneur

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