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AITEX gains ENAC approval for anchoring devices for more than one user



The CEN / TS 16415: 2013 standard is a technical specification that establishes recommendations on requirements, test equipment, test methods, labelling and the information supplied by the manufacturer for anchoring devices intended to be used by more than one user simultaneously.

CEN / TS 16415: 2013 is not applicable to:

• Anchoring devices intended for a single user, which are covered by EN 795: 2012
• Anchoring devices used in sports or recreational activities
• Equipment designed according to EN 516 or EN 517
• Elements or parts of structures installed for a purpose other than anchoring devices or points
• Structural anchors

The aforementioned technical specification is very similar to “EN 795: 2012 Personal protective equipment against falls. Anchoring devices “. The main difference is that tests are performed with higher loads and under more severe requirements to demonstrate that anchoring devices intended for more than one user or multiple users will be able to withstand the weight, impact force and the shock of the fall prevention assembly in case of an accident.
Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) passing the test will comply with the test requirements established in the corresponding technical standards, which specify the characteristics and features that individual protection equipment must comply with.
AITEX has all the necessary technical and testing infrastructure to carry out all the tests required for the homologation of a PPE against falls from height, in compliance with European and American regulations in force.
The specially-designed equipment is described below.

• Fall Tower for the realisation of free fall or guided fall tests to reproduce the fall of an operator or climber from a certain height.
• High-capacity dynamometer for performing static tests to determine the behaviour of the system while subjected to a force.

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