by Beatriz Domenech

R+D Projects

11th May 2021

AITEX has started up a programme of cooperative research with the award-winning artists from the second call of the RE-FREAM project to collaborate on sustainable finishes and dyes in the development of a new clothing range: Loreto Binvignat Streeter: “Sustainable Evolution” development of sustainable clothing dyed with micro-organisms.

IMG_7642 2

Alexander Bello: “NeoBotanical Tailoring”. The artist is currently working on the development of a clothing collection with natural dyes using innovative and sustainable technologies.


Tim van der Loo and Sandra Nicoline Nielsen: “New Blue” have created a new concept based on the reuse of clothing, mainly denim, to create new fabrics that are cut into smaller pieces and then reassembled using embroidery, creating new fabrics. During the co-research process they will mainly work with technologies to give new functionalities to garments and to create new designs.

The following companies and associations are participating in the co-research that is being carried out in the Valencia Hub: CARE APPLICATION, a technology-based company located in Alcoy, PROFACTOR, a research centre in Steyr, Austria and HARATECH, an engineering company located in Linz, Austria. More information at:


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