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MY-FY – Re-inventing the textile industry with advance myco-fibres


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16th of December 2020

Homemade mushrooms and mycelium, champignon. Mushrooms growing.
The European project MY-FY: Re-inventing the textile industry with advanced myco-fibres, has begun. The project focuses on creating non-wovens from mycelium fibres that will offer enhanced performance and a reduced environmental impact.

The European textile and fashion industry is facing many challenges that need to be overcome if it is to remain competitive on the world market. These challenges include reducing environmental impact, adapting to new trends demanded by consumers and global market competition with countries where social and environmental standards do not apply, and adapting to just-in-time production and design on demand.

AITEX is participating in the MY-FI project, by providing innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s market, developing a bio-based textile with advanced functionalities, sustainability and performance. The non-woven, created from mycelium fibres is obtained by fungal fermentation from specific waste, and boasts enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact compared to currently available commercial fibres.

File: DLV-101000719

Project funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 Grant Agreement No DLV -101000719.

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