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“Flash effects” are now the most popular feature of cosmetics

mujer en sesión de tratamiento cosmético

Everything has changed in cosmetics in recent years; from the products available to the consumer, to the raw materials used in their formulation, packaging, points of sale and above all, trends.

Consumer demand


New trends are constantly emerging and every market segment and type of consumer has preferences which are now, in addition, affected by influencers. The rise of social networks has multiplied these effects, and trends often go viral overnight. This poses a challenge for manufacturers who often find themselves scrambling to adapt to consumer demand and keep the supply chain running.

Flash effects include claims such as “5-minute lift” or “immediate effect”, which often go hand in hand with claims that a product is sustainable, organic or biological.

This synergy is difficult to maintain because sustainable, biological or organic products need time to produce favourable results. In the same way that the user has to wait for long term benefits on the skin to become apparent, nature needs time to give us the necessary ingredients for organic and effective products.

These promised wonderful effects disappear as fast as they appear. Changing our body’s largest organ – the skin – cannot be done in a few minutes. Good skin care needs a routine and great care so that the expensive products we apply to our skin are effective.

mujer en sesión de tratamiento cosmético
cosmetica natural

Beauty, an inexhaustible pleasure

Today’s society seeks to enhance, or at least maintain beauty for as long as possible. If this is not possible using daily or sporadic cosmetics, we turn to more invasive treatments, including aesthetic medical treatments which do not require anaesthetics used in cosmetic surgery. These treatments can be equally painful and ineffective, as well as being more expensive than conventional cosmetic treatment.

The epidermis usually takes about thirty days to regenerate, and collagen and elastin fibres take about forty-five days to synthesise, so injecting them into the body itself is invasive and when used repetitively may have the opposite effect. The body has a memory, and may reduce its level of regeneration and synthesis as it becomes accustomed to obtaining what it needs from another source.

On the other hand, the effects vary from one product to another. Not all cosmetics penetrate the skin in the same way or to the same depth, nor do they contain the same concentration of active assets. Those that deliver a measured quantity of asset do not affect the body’s internal mechanisms to such an extent and are designed to stimulate and accelerate natural regeneration or synthesis, preventing the skin from becoming dependent on external factors.

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