by Beatriz Domenech

R+D Projects

16th of December 2020

Building energy efficiency is one of the main requirements for sustainability in new construction. Solar protection devices are systems designed to control and make optimum use of solar radiation to increase both thermal and visual comfort.


The energy impact of these devices means that up to 40% of the energy used to heat a home can be saved, as windows are one of the points with the highest energy transmittance index. The fabrics are subject to a series of regulations, which determine both the characteristics of the devices and their different configurations. The regulations vary depending on whether fitting is exterior or interior, their combination with glazing, the transmittance and reflectance measurements to be taken on the device and their classification according to the level of thermal protection and visual comfort they provide.

The EFITERM project aims to create a range of energy efficient technical fabrics that provide real functional and aesthetic added value, increase thermal shielding and visual comfort by studying the variables that influence their performance, such as colour, structure, material and surface finish.

The project’s objectives include:

  • Research into different materials and their behaviour
  • Development of textured yarns using different technologies (DTY/ATY/BCF) to obtain optimum yarns and improve the sturdiness of the device and the shielding.
  • Study the weaving of different materials and thicknesses with varying structures and weaves.
  • Research into warp knitting capabilities, thicknesses and properties for the production of sun protection devices.
  • Finishing textile prototypes using mechanical processes
  • Characterise the properties of reflectance and transmittance to quantify the level of protection and comfort offered by the device.

The results will be compiled into an information guide.

For further information, please contact us using the form at: https://www.aitex.es/portfolio/efiterm/

File: IMDEEA/2020/9 

This project is funded by the Conselleria d’Economia Sostenible, Sectors Productius, Comerç i Treball of the Generalitat Valenciana, through IVACE, and is co-funded by the EU’s ERDF, within the framework of the Programa Operativo FEDER of the Comunitat Valenciana 2014-2020. 

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