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Participation in the European “COSTUME” Project


Anticipating the industry’s needs for technical skills and promoting cooperation between industry and professional training is considered one of the critical spheres of activity to be undertaken in the coming years. With regard to the fashion sector, this cooperation will ensure that the industry remains competitive, and is driven by growth and employment.

The CosTUmE project, in which AITEX participates, aims to create an attractive new qualification in the profile of garment technician with EU recognition (PT, ES, RO), taking into account the background, and in line with the European Skills Agenda. The aim is to strengthen vocational training qualifications (VTQ), by providing the necessary skills for the textile and clothing industry, including technical and home textiles, sustainability, the introduction of new materials and industry 4.0. It also aims to facilitate the mobility and employability of the target group in Europe.

The project’s objectives focus on:

  • Employers in the textile and clothing industry
  • Vocational training centres
  • Social associations and textile and clothing associations
  • National vocational training regulators
  • Sector agents
  • VT Professionals

To achieve this objective, the CosTUmE project will develop:
1. A route map of qualifications and good practices in work-based learning for the textile and clothing sector.
2. Definition of the profile and qualification of the clothing and fashion technician
3. ECVET matrix that defines educational levels in the European Qualifications Framework
4. Tutorial guide for mobility in Europe
5. Teacher training for the profile and qualification in clothing technician

The project aims to address the imbalance in existing skills between the supply of skilled employees and the demand of the textile and clothing sector, while increasing the interest among young people to enrol in technical courses and at the same time to motivate employees to update their knowledge and skills base. The overall objective is to promote internal support mechanisms for workers who wish to update their qualifications, while promoting European mobility and applying this new academic profile for validation and recognition in Romania, Spain and Portugal.

The CosTUmE project is led by CITEVE and involves other institutions, technological centres and European textile organisations such as MODATEX, ATP, INOVA +, AITEX, ASECOM, INCDTP and ASTRICONE.

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