by Neus Jorda
RETO AITEX 2019 (43)
154 students participated in the first AITEX CHALLENGE 2019, presenting 47 projects in response to the challenge presented by AITEX entitled “How can we improve the experience of athletes by incorporating technology in textiles?”

The purpose of the competition is to recognise the most innovative ideas related to sport and textile technology. Students presented new products and / or functionalities in textile products.
154 students from training centres in Alcoy, Banyeres de Mariola, Canals, Cocentaina, Muro de Alcoy, Ontinyent and Valencia participated. The students’ projects included t-shirts with heart rate control, smart swimming caps, shoe insoles with smart sensors, heated sports leggings and boxing gloves with speed sensors, among others. The winners were:

1st Prize
Training Centre: San José de Calasanz (Valencia)
Project title: Compression and heated leggings using electroactive and resistive polymers.
Team members:
• Ana Navarro Hernández
• Alejandra Moreno Rey
• Clara García Agost

2nd Prize
Training Centre: San Roque School (Alcoy)
Project title: Step by AITEX
Team members:
• Adela Fuentes Gadea
• Isabel Valor Romá

3rd Prize
Training Centre: IES Cotes Baixes (Alcoy)
Project title: Horn
Team members: Step by AITEX
• Teo Senabre Rodríguez
• Laia Andrés Vayá
• Carla Dominguez Bayón

The projects were judged according to the quality of the submitted proposal, resolution of the proposed problem, innovative and technological design and the viability of the proposal presented. The jury was composed of AITEX’s R & D professionals in smart textiles and ICT solutions, technical finishes, health and sports, and comfort.

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